Business Litigation

Wouldn’t it be nice if businesses and individuals made good on every promise, always treated employees and each other with fairness and in accordance with the law?

The reality is, unfortunately, quite different and disputes happen all the time. Even people with honorable intentions toward each other disagree at times and find themselves at odds over payments, contracts, or employees. There are cases where these disagreements are resolved without the need for lawyers. But when this is not possible, it is crucial to seek the counsel of litigators who are experienced and are respected by both their colleagues and the courts. Perez & Link, PLLC is such a firm in Dallas, Texas.

With a strong focus on business litigation, the firm prides itself in balancing the knowledge and resources of a large firm with the attention to detail and personal service of a small law firm. Unique among firms its size, Perez & Link, PLLC strives to meet the needs of each client’s case. By doing this, clients can be sure that they are always given the proper strategy and resources for their case. In every instance, clients have a legal team designed to the particulars of their case and geared to achieve the results they want.

Perez & Link gives clients peace of mind, knowing that each case is handled efficiently by our attorneys, thus allowing them to focus on what is most important to them: developing their business.

Whether it is a dispute over a contract or fraudulent transactions, our attorneys have the knowledge and drive to take your civil litigation case from the initial meeting to a favorable outcome.

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