Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

In 1989, the Honorable Gary Hall, presiding judge of the 68th Judicial District Court, along with the Dallas Bar Associates, initiated the training of mediators in the Dallas area. Along with approximately twenty other practicing litigation attorneys, Mr. Perez was selected to attend the first training seminar in the state of Texas. The group was selected based upon their experience as litigants, and their reputations for fairness and ethics. From this first trained group, the Dallas judicial court system began court-ordered mediations of the pending trial dockets. Over the course of the initial few years, both the clients and attorneys learned the benefit of settlement negotiations between the parties and the control of the litigation by the parties. Mr. Perez's reputation is reflected in his selection by attorneys repeatedly to be their choice of mediator.

Over the many years he has conducted thousands of mediations, in a great range of cases, both in nature and complexity. A former Judge and a successful litigator, he understands the dynamics of conflict resolution.

Daniel Perez has a unique method of mediation, emphasizing that regardless of the size of the case,

the right balance of knowledge, people skills, and insight are crucial in order to achieve settlements.

Mr. Perez, as well as the rest of the staff, speaks Spanish fluently. Being able to communicate directly with the parties is an advantage that all of our clients appreciate.

Our office is committed to providing effective mediation services to our clients. Our professional support staff will provide assistance with all your needs, ensuring that you and your clients are comfortable and relaxed during the time you are with us. From setting up the mediation to follow-up after the session, we make it possible for our clients to try to achieve a resolution to their disputes

With his judicial experience, and his mediation practice, Mr. Perez has, since 1992, been selected to conduct numerous arbitration hearings by litigants who sought a fair and neutral hearing. Mr. Perez conducts private arbitrations in family-law matters, as well as the more familiar American Arbitration Association hearings.

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